Church of St. Nicholas with the clock tower in Ponta Delgada on San Miguel Island, in the Azores, Portugal.

Originally from Azores, Portugal, more precisely from the island of Sao Miguel, several members of our family left their native country and emigrated to Canada in 1956, bringing along traditions, a zest for life, and traditional recipes from their home country.

Family celebrations were an important part of their new life, and Portuguese flavours were very present, with homemade chorizo, house wine and large festive meals cooked with a blend of colourful spices.

Our Piri-Piri sauce is inspired by the traditions of our mothers and aunts, who seasoned their dishes with tasty ingredients such as lemon, garlic, bell peppers, and most importantly, Piri-Piri pepper, a staple of Portuguese culture.

Our Piri-Piri sauce here at Casa das Tias is a tribute to our ancestors and a legacy for our children to discover!

Baste, marinate and create your own flavour combinations with Casa das Tias Piri-Piri sauce, Medium or Hot.

La Casa das Tias, authentic Portuguese!